Misrad HaPnim – Interior Ministry Hours

If you are fortunate enough to be able to go to the Misrad Hapnim in Jerusalem, sometimes referred to as the Misrad HaPanim, ‘the face office’ to get your passport renewed or other fun activities, here’s a timetable of when they’re open:

Feel free to express your frustrations or any new changes to the schedule. Located on Shlomzion Hamalka in Jerusalem off of Yaffo St. As far as a phone number goes, don’t bother. I asked them once, and they laughed at me.

See comments below for info on the less crowded Gilo Branch. Thanks, Yael.

*These times are subject to change for the following reasons, so good luck.


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30 Responses to “Misrad HaPnim – Interior Ministry Hours”

  1. Posted by: Yael Bloch - 09/03/2007

    The Gilo branch of Misrad Hapnim is a well kept secret. The lines there are practically non-existent.

    Their phone number is : 02-645-2880, and their hours are 8-12 Sunday-Thursday and Monday and Wednesday 2:30pm-5:30pm. (Check to make sure these hours are right before you go there)

    ?? ???? ????? ???????? – ????
    ?????: ???? ????? 800, ????? ?????? ????

    Generally in all government offices, it is advantageous to go during the afternoon hours.

  2. Posted by: Yael Bloch - 09/03/2007

    I see my Hebrew didn’t come out–the address is listed here..


  3. Posted by: Menashe - 06/08/2008

    a good link(in english) would be for the online printable applcation forms!!!!

  4. Posted by: Flori - 03/08/2009

    The service of the Misrad Hapnim in Jerusalem is really a shame. Since days I am now trying to get an appointment. Never ever someone picks up the phone, except the answer machine. Getting an appointment via email seems to be impossible, at least I do not know an email address which would allow for that. Does anyone know?

  5. Posted by: Yechezkel - 07/09/2009

    02-6290297 – fax no. u can fax with request & they phone back usually within 2 days, used by most of my yeshiva :-)

  6. Posted by: Rebecca - 07/09/2009

    Yechezel – Good to know! Thanks!

  7. Posted by: avraham chapira - 12/02/2009

    I lost my teudat zeut.
    What I shall I do to get a new one?

  8. Posted by: Rebecca - 12/08/2009

    Hi Avraham, I suggest going to the Misrad Hapnim and they’ll tell you what the procedure is.

  9. Posted by: yirmy - 12/16/2009

    I was once in the Misrad Hapnim in the office where they answer the phones. What do you think she was doing? answering phones? No way!! The phone was off the hook, and she was doing something at the computer!! I saw this with my own eyes!

  10. Posted by: Rebecca - 12/16/2009

    Yirmy, The phone was off the hook??!!! Woah mam. I want to be surprised here….

  11. Posted by: yirmy - 12/16/2009

    Yeh, Yeh. Do you think they’re getting thousands of calls, that they’re always busy with previuos callers?…

  12. Posted by: adit - 02/18/2010

    May I know what are the processes and documents I need if I want to relocate my child from philippines to Israel with legal documents.
    Please give me contact person regarding this case.
    Toda Rava.

  13. Posted by: adit - 02/18/2010

    Do someone knows to whom I need to talk to regarding the relocation of child (from foreign country to Israel)

  14. Posted by: Mirym Ronn - 03/01/2010

    I need a new passport. What shall I do?
    I am 85 years old and infirm, can I have the passeport without coming to the office by myself?

  15. Posted by: Shalva - 03/06/2010

    Does anyone know if this office handles Army Deferment for dual citizens?

  16. Posted by: ray - 05/23/2010

    does anyone know if you can pay by check for a teudat zehut ?

  17. Posted by: Yitz Levy - 06/29/2010

    I am currently in the states and I’m looking to order an entries and exits form For my wife and I. If anyone might know how I can do that it would help me a great deal. Thank you

  18. Posted by: samera - 08/26/2010

    I need a return visa to Israel to be stamped in my childrens passports they have an isreali id3 does anyone know what the process is

  19. Posted by: Jenni - 08/26/2010

    Does anyone know the adress of the Mizrat ha panim in Tel Aviv???

  20. Posted by: Aaron - 10/27/2010

    To samera 18 if you are out of Israel go to the nearest consulate, if in Israel go to Misrad Hapnim and get the necesary documents. If Everything is in “ORDER”(legal resident) that means your status, they might give the Children a TEudat Maavar which is a temporary document for travel or even the passport which costs arround 250 Shekels.Or they will explain better. Go in afternoon hours is better

    For the Person 7 Avaraham Chapira (funny way to write I am also Szapiro and spell different) Go to the Misrad Hapnim fill in a paper with all the personal information: Need a Photo and 100 shekels if it is 1st time loss forsecond loss is like 500. Good luck to both

  21. Posted by: deborah - 10/30/2010

    Who know the adress of the misrad hapnim located in gilo?

  22. Posted by: Danka - 02/27/2011

    My daughter’s purse was stolen,including her Israeli passport.She has no documents that show photo i.d. except for a photocopy of her Canadian passport and old expired Canadian and Israeli passports.Does anyone know what she needs to bring to the Misrad Hapnim to get a passport?

  23. Posted by: Patricia - 07/03/2011

    An answer for Deborah #21: The address of the Misrad Hapnim in Gilo is:

    Shopping Center
    800 Tzvia VeYitzchak St.
    In my experience, this branch is less crowded than the one in town.

  24. Posted by: Sarah - 11/29/2011

    what is the address of Misrad Hapnim
    on Yaffo road Jerusalem and the address on this web site for the one in gilo,
    should I write Misrad Hapnim
    Shopping Center
    800 Tzvia VeYyitzchak ST
    what is the code? Iwill be corresponding from the US.
    who is the person to address it to?

  25. Posted by: Nicole - 12/22/2011

    I have got another nice story for you:
    Did you know that the Misrad Hapnim will not issue me a new birth certificate? All due to the fact that 35 years ago my mother married a catholic man, has divorced him and has returned to the jewish religion again?! To them my mother isn`t jewish and so I am not and so my birth certificate is not valid! So now I haven`t been born anywhere by the looks of it. Oh yes… and my son – who will be born in January- can never be registered as I need these documents for registration…

  26. Posted by: Lea - 12/27/2011

    but keep in mind everyone that they only allow people from Gilo to use the misrad hapnim in Gilo. Don’t go threw the trouble of driving to Gilo if you are not a resident of Gilo.

  27. Posted by: Mareah - 03/27/2012

    Thank you for mentioning this about Gilo only being available for it’s residents. I almost got happy! Now I will return to Jerusalem and try to get an appt.

  28. Posted by: Dina - 06/19/2012

    The nastiness of the staff at the central branch is something else — but note, you are not told you need photos and money before you go there.If you’ve lost your teudat zehut you will need somehow to turn up with its number(as if its not on their computers!!)

  29. Posted by: Sylvia - 07/01/2012

    The afternoon hours in Haifa are bogus if you what to see the information person, because that person is not there. It is only for people who have appointments,they don’t even bother to put that on the hours posted. It is totally unbelievable.

  30. Posted by: hasna - 04/19/2013

    DOes aynone have the adress and fax number of Misrad Hapnim Jerusalem

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