English book stores and sales in Jerusalem – used and new books

Here is a list of bookstores that have a selection of new or used english books. Please leave me a comment with any more details about these bookstores.

*Updated thanks to responses from the Yahoo group IsraelBooks, and commentators.

*I put stars next to my favorites

1. Sefer VeSefel*
Location: City Center | On Yavetz St. which goes from Yaffo to the stairs on Ben Hillel St.In an alley off of Jaffa St. near the Bat Ayin clothing store.
Tel: 02-6248237
Description: Mostly used books, but a few new,especially brand new bestsellers. They will buy your books, I got 15 shekels credit from The Jew in the Lotus. Also, they do up to 65% buyback for books you buy from them.

2. (Don’t know the name but its an antique / rare books place) – City Center. Between Gazith shoes and Big Apple Pizza.

3. Stein Books
Location: City Center | Address: King George across from the new Avi Chai building and the Mirage danceclub.

4. Moffit (?)
Location: Nachlaot | On the side of Binyan Clal off of Jaffa St. across from the Shuk. They possibly have another branch in the lower level of Binyan Clal right at the southern entrance on Rechov Yaffo.
Description: Almost entirely used books.

5. Siman Kriah (also known as BookMark)
Location: Bak’a | 1 Esther Hamalka St., corner 33 Bethlehem Rd; between Derech Hevron and Derekh Bet Lehem;
Tel: 02-673-1934
Description: Specializes in Children’s books and books for youth in English and in Hebrew.

6. Stein Books (same name, I know)
Location: City Center | King George across from the Sheraton Hotel

7.  World of Magazines
Location: Talpiot | Achim Yisrael Mall, HaTnufa St. (3rd floor)
Tel: 02-502-3661

8. The Book Gallery
Location: City Center | 6 Schatz street, now a pedestrian-only street
Tel: 02-623-1087

9. Gur Aryeh
Location: Nahalat Shiva, City Center | middle of Yoel Salomon St.

10. Dani Books*
Location: City Center | 54 Yafo St. corner of Yafo and Even Yisrael
Tel: 02-6248293

11. Olam Qatan
Location: German Colony | 52 Emek Refaim
Tel: 02-563-7507
Description: holistic, mystical, religious, scientific, english, used and new

12. Intellect Books
Location: City Center | Rehov Yaffo, past Selina icecream shop and Shanty clothing store if youre going toward the old city.
Description: used books. hebrew, english, german, russian, just about any language and topic. you can also sell your books.

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36 Responses to “English book stores and sales in Jerusalem – used and new books”

  1. Posted by: Evelyn - 08/29/2007

    Just a note to say thank you for expressing many of the things
    and incidents that I have come to know and like in sunny Holy
    Jerusalem. My footsteps take me to the Shuk regularly; the sounds,
    smells, not to mention the competitive prices are great. Marzipan has
    become my favourite place to spend my last shekel. I`m still looking for a
    nice cafe/eating place. Can you do your next list on that theme. Ochlim
    baShuk, Mizrachi etc.where reasonable prices… I have been wandering
    around the shuk since coming on Aliyah and love it. Maybe I will bump into
    you one fine day. By the way I am an antiquarian, secondhand book
    maven/dealer/collector. so I know all the shops you mention and – even
    their names. None of them are brilliant. I personally specialize in
    Judaica and in addition have general books but work from home. Internet
    drives me crazy with millions of books for sale at meshugane prices.
    BooksIsrael is for paperbacks for giveaway stuff.Anyway a yahar Kochchech
    to you and all your energy in putting thoughts in blog like fashion. Keep
    it up. Kol Tuv

  2. Posted by: Bridget - 10/01/2007

    there are other bookstores i thought would fit your list.

    Olam Katan
    Emek Refaim 52

    description: holistic, mystical, religious, scientific, english, used and new.

    really my favorite bookstore that ive come across.

    and Intellect Books
    Rehov Yaffo, past Selina icecream shop and Shanty clothing store if youre going toward the old city. used books. hebrew, english, german, russian, just about any language and topic. you can sell your books there also.

    thank you for making such a great website. happy reading.

  3. Posted by: Rebecca - 10/01/2007

    Bridget, thanks for your kind words and suggestions. I added them both to the list!

  4. Posted by: marc radzyner - 11/12/2007

    Looking for – LIVING WATERS by Bezalel Edwards- translation of Mei Shiloach by Joseph Leiner of Izbitz

  5. Posted by: Rebecca - 11/15/2007

    Hi Marc, I’m not sure where you could find that book, but you could call each of the bookstores, or put a notice on janglo.net and the booksisrael yahoo group that I mention in my post.

  6. Posted by: BG - 03/13/2008

    Two other bookstores for your list:

    Gur Arieh Books
    8 Yoel Solomon St

    In the Ben Yehuda pedestrian precinct. English language only. A lot of secondhand books, only a small selection of new books.

    + +

    The Torch Bookstore
    25 Yafo

    Next door to the main Post Office on Yafo. It is basically a Christian bookstore but also has some books on Judaism (I bought a fine Tanakh there), Israel travel guides, maps, etc.

  7. Posted by: BG - 03/13/2008

    Living Waters: It’s listed at Amazon.com but it’s not cheap ($69.10 in March 2008)

  8. Posted by: EMW - 05/05/2009

    The Bookstore Clal Center 104 02-6241342
    Gur Arieh 8 Yoel Salomon St. 02-6257486
    Moffet’s Bookstore Clal Center 02-6259872
    Sefer Ve Sefel 2 Yavetz St. 02-6248237
    Yalkut 8 Eliash St. 02-6257058

  9. Posted by: EMW - 05/05/2009

    Tzomet Seforim

    Ramat Eshkol Shopping Center

    9 Ben Hillel St.



    44 Jaffa Road
    Ludwig Mayer 4 Shlomzion HaMalka 02-6252628

    39 Jaffa Road

    9 King George St.



  10. Posted by: Egon Kennedy - 06/21/2009

    Please advise wether you have Gonda’s Book of The history of jews in Debrecen.
    New or secondhand

  11. Posted by: Rebecca - 06/21/2009

    Hi Egon, try calling some of the bookstores listed above in the post to see if they have it.

  12. Posted by: Eron Silva - 07/24/2009

    Dear Rebecca, I stumbled here looking for the phone # of World of Magazines, a nice place attended by nice people.
    I was amazed to see all the information you share on my passion (reading). I am new to the Land, and short of money as any Oleh Chadash, so it is good to know more second-hand places – as you can guess, without Hebrew, Google is useless for me…
    Keep up the good work!

  13. Posted by: Eron Silva - 07/24/2009

    oh, I forgot: too bad I did not find their phone number…

  14. Posted by: Rebecca - 07/24/2009

    Eron, thanks for encouragement! as for joe’s world of magazines, I can’t seem to find it online anywhere – try calling 144, the information line, and see if they have it.

  15. Posted by: Shoshana - 11/16/2009

    I urgently need to buy a used copy of “Troilus and Criseyde” by G. Chaucer in the Coghill translation (Penguin Books)Does anyone know where can I find one?

  16. Posted by: Charles Puthota - 11/18/2009

    I need to buy 10 copies of the book
    The author is: Etty Boochny
    Publisher: Steimatzky

    Can some bookstore in Israel help me?

  17. Posted by: Miriam Kitrossky - 11/24/2009

    I need a book by S. Maugham, Razor’s Edge, in English, new or used. If someone has it, please reply.

  18. Posted by: joyce - 12/17/2009

    I’m looking to buy 30 copies of the book Hoot.

  19. Posted by: Terry Farley - 12/19/2009

    What an amazing site.

    Am looking for outlets in Israel for my two books.

    They are available in print on Amazon and throughout the Internet of course.
    And WNBTL is also available on Kindle and digitally direct from Mobipocket and Virtualbookworm among other sites.

    But my heart’s desire is to see both books available as hard copy on the ground in the land of the people who are the apple of God’s eye !

    Book 1} When Now Becomes Too Late, (by TL Farley, my nom de plume ) : A consideration of the imminence of the Rapture, the next major prophecy to be fulfilled on Ha Shem’s calendar.


    Book 2} Distant Reaches : An autobiographical adventure that climaxes in an epiphany.

    Any suggestions will be appreciated.

    Thanks. And, again, great site.

    til the shout,


  20. Posted by: Rebecca - 12/22/2009

    Terry, sorry, I’m not so familiar with publishing distribution in Israel.

  21. Posted by: Terry Farley - 12/23/2009


    Not to worry. “The Lord gave the word; Great was the company of those who proclaimed it: Kings of armies flee, they flee, And she who remains at home divides the spoil. Though you lie down among the sheepfolds, You will be like the wings of a dove covered with silver, And her feathers with yellow gold.” {Psalm 68:11-13.}

    Exhaltation comes from the Lord. {Psalm 75:5-6.}

    Til the shout !


  22. Posted by: Shalom Freedman - 03/03/2010

    By far the largest selection of used- book is in ‘Book Gallery’. They have an annex in which they sell their cheapest books for five shekels or ten. Also ‘Sefer v’Sefel’ offers many good bargains. ‘Dani Books’ has a nice atmosphere and very helpful management.

  23. Posted by: Mark Weinberg - 05/03/2010

    I’m looking for a GMAT study guide, I posted it on janglo and didn’t get any reply. If anyone knows of a store that would sell it please post the name.

  24. Posted by: Terry Farley - 05/04/2010


    There appear to be a host of sites for gmat study guides through Google.

    Some even offered free.

    Hope this helps.

    Terry Farley

  25. Posted by: JULIA JONNARD - 07/02/2010

    hi trying to sell my husbands art book collection- of a life time for fair price- any ideas- in efrat near jerusalem- im 83 years of age. thanks julia

  26. Posted by: JULIA JONNARD - 07/02/2010

    for sale art books- english- one on louvre in french- husbands art book collection- selling some- any ideas- julia jonnard widow dr raymond jonnard- alyiah for 5 years

  27. Posted by: cynthia freese - 08/25/2010

    I’m looking for the name,address and email for the christian bookstore just inside jaffa gate

  28. Posted by: cynthia freese - 08/25/2010

    i would appreciate any help thanks

  29. Posted by: imad - 09/12/2010

    Dear Rebecca,
    I am really appreciate your job& please keep going.
    I think it is very important to add to the list of the bookshops ,The Educational Bookshop. I am really impressed with the big selection of the books that they have, which I never seen in the country or even in the Middle east during my trips, & to be honest it is a very unique store .
    22 ,Salah Elddin st.

  30. Posted by: Daniel Ortega - 11/08/2010

    looking for Laura Winner – Girl Meets God
    respond aceber@netvision.net.il

  31. Posted by: Gabi - 01/16/2011

    Hi I’m Looking for a childrens book that was translated from English to hebrew.
    Slyvester and the Magic Pebble by William Steig
    translates to
    Yirmeyahu ve-even ha pela’im

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  32. Posted by: fredi - 06/28/2011

    Just to let you know, Gur Arieh at 8 Yoel solomon St is closing July 9–Blow out sale!

  33. Posted by: Asnat - 08/08/2011

    A store called Book Shop (in Ramat Gan) has over 3,000 used and new books in English {romance, fiction, mystery, thriller, fantasy, biography, history and more}.

    Also has story time in English for ages
    6-9 on Sundays at 6:30pm and for ages 10-11 on Thursday at 5:30pm.

    The store’s address:
    50 Sderot Yerushalayim, Ramat Gan.
    Phone number: 03-574-1010
    Email address: bookshop.ramatgan@gmail.com

  34. Posted by: Liza Yepes - 10/27/2011

    Hi, I’m looking for an English version of the book Dossier 51 by Gilles Perrault. Anybody know where I can buy it? Thanks.

  35. Posted by: George Haberdashi - 04/01/2012

    I think the best bookstore in town is by far Ludwig Mayer on Shlomzion Hamalka Street. They also do worldwide shipping: http://www.ludwigmayer.com


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